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Cleansing effect comparison
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Cleansing effect comparison Cleansing effect comparison

LAMARIN versus petrochemical cleansers

  LAMARIN Petrochemical cleanser
(1) Health and safety As shown via oral toxicity test and skin irritation test, LAMARIN does no harm to human body or skin. With natural quality, it protects your family against the damage to human cells and genes resulting from petrochemical cleansers.

As shown via tests in various countries and Japanese laboratory, constant use of petrochemical cleansers may leave residues in human body and do harm to living creatures and human body:
1. Cell canceration
2. Gene mutation

(2) Environmental protection

High biological decomposition
1. Causes no pollution to soil and water quality
2. May purify existing pollution
3. Enables every household to implement environment protection
4. Prevents ¡§pollutants caused by petrochemical cleansers¡¨ from flowing into rivers to cause further pollution.

As shown by the WHO, petrochemical cleanser ranks No.1 in polluting soil and water, resulting in such phenomena as environmental acidity, black pollution, stinky odor and biological aberration.

(3) Environmental sanitation

1. As shown via various tests, in addition to high biological decomposition, LAMARIN can quickly and effectively sterilize and deodorize without causing side effect of antibiotics.
2. Helps create an innocuous, healthful, clean and hygienic environment.
3. Prevents virus, germs and pests from proliferation.

Residues from petrochemical cleansers may result in acidic and stinky environment, creates a hotbed for proliferation of virus, germs and infectious diseases, causes various types of diseases to human body and skin.
(4) Impact on resources In application, LAMARIN can substantially save water, electricity, time and labor while sterilizing and deodorizing. Also, it can save repeated labor, time, power, water and materials. In application, petrochemical cleanser leaves residues, consumes large quantities of water for washing and wastes substantial labor, power and time. Also, it requires repeated sterilizing and deodorizing.
(5) Convenience and cleansing effect

1. LAMARIN has highly efficient, overall cleansing functions.
2. May protect surfaces of objects.

1. Depends on strong penetrating effect.
2. Tends to damage surfaces of objects.
3. Needs masks (fluorescer, for example) to achieve visual effect.

(6) Cost Highly concentrated and strong cleansing power. Can be diluted into cleansers of various functions and save cost by 50% compared with conventional cleansers. Requires multiple purchases, thus increasing overall cost.
(7) Impact on national and social resources

1. Can be used by any individual, household and in any environment without increasing any economic burden for individual, household, society or state. Use of LAMARIN may achieve the following objectives:

a.) Eliminates pollution.
b.) Purifies environment.
c.) Maintains persona and environment hygiene.
d.) Achieves instantaneous improvement and doesn't need repeated operation.

2. Reduces waste of various types of materials and reduces substantial cost for pollution control, labor and health protection.

1. Constantly incurs cost for pollution control and seriously affects national economic development. What¡¦s worse, though incurring enormous cost, pollution control cannot catch up with the speed of pollution. As a result, environment is always in a state of aggravating.
2. Increases cost for labor protection and health protection.

a.) Cell canceration, breast cancer and cancer of cervix uterus for women in particular.
b.) Increases probability in abnormal infants and liver cancer.
c.) Causes various types of skin infectious diseases.
d.) Infants live in an environment polluted by petrochemical cleansers, speeding up aberration internally and externally.

3. Constant burden for stinky odor and river improvements.
4. Impossible to improve soil.
5. Repeated use of sterilizing chemicals in reservoirs, causing a vicious cycle.

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